Testing Your PHP Code

October 22nd, 2014 | by Hannah |

simpletest-logoPHP programming is definitely not all about the coding. This is actually for programming in all kinds of languages. It is also true for any kind of PHP application you may be working on, be it a PHP-based software asset management tool, a PHP-based website, or any other software.

Of course, when programming knowing coding best practices is essential, but having an in-depth knowledge of testing tools is equally important. For PHP testing frameworks used fall under different kinds of testing such as unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, behavior-driven development tools, and generic frameworks.

Each testing tool is obviously suitable for difference scenarios although they all serve the same purpose of decreasing dependence on manual testing. This makes the testing phase go more efficiently and save a lot of resources not only in terms of time but also in manpower, with less testers needed.

As a PHP programmer, make sure you brush up on your knowledge about automated testing skills and you’ll be the one who will benefit from it in the end.

Image via SimpleTest

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